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China has been the world's largest manufacturer for ten cons

Release time:2020-10-27

"The strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi for the core, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology system to carry out the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, always adhere to seek improvement in stability work tone, unswervingly promote structural reform, the supply side solid pushing forward the construction of the two powers' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in determine the main goal of the task will be completed as scheduled, manufacturing power and power network construction resolutely." Wang Zhijun, vice-minister of industry and information technology, said at a State Council press conference on Oct 23rd.

  Significant achievements in manufacturing industry

  "I would like to sum up our achievements in five sentences: we have continued to lead the way in growth, made full use of innovation, significantly improved the structure, accelerated the expansion of enterprises, and improved the level of openness." Wang Zhijun said.

  First, China's overall strength has been further enhanced. From 2016 to 2019, China's total industrial added value increased from 24.54 trillion yuan to 31.71 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 5.9%, much higher than the 2.9% average annual growth rate of world industry in the same period. In 2019, the value added of China's manufacturing sector accounted for 28.1 percent of the global total, 1.8 percentage points higher than that of 2015, and China has maintained its position as the world's largest manufacturing country for 10 consecutive years. At present, China is the only country in the world that has all 41 industrial categories, 207 industrial medium categories and 666 industrial sub-categories in the United Nations industrial classification. In the first nine months of this year, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size grew by 1.2% year on year, including 5.8% in the third quarter, showing a trend of recovery quarter by quarter.

  Second, innovation capacity has been significantly improved. In 2019, China's industrial enterprises above designated size invested 1.32 percent in R&D, 0.42 percentage points higher than in 2015. A manufacturing innovation network with 17 national manufacturing innovation centers at the core and more than 100 provincial-level manufacturing innovation centers as supplements has initially taken shape. In 2020, China was ranked 14th in the WIPO Global Innovation Index, up 15 places from 2015.

  Third, the industrial structure continued to improve. The steel industry achieved the target of cutting production capacity by 150 million tons during the 13th Five-Year Plan period two years ahead of schedule. Demonstration and application of smart manufacturing have been accelerated. By June 2020, the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools and the digitalization rate of key processes in key manufacturing sectors were 71.5 percent and 51.1 percent, respectively, up from 14.8 and 3.8 percentage points in 2015. The added value of high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing accounted for 14.4 percent and 32.5 percent of the total industrial added value, up 2.6 and 0.7 percentage points over 2015, respectively, becoming a major force driving the development of the manufacturing sector.

  Fourth, quality enterprises are growing faster, leading enterprises are becoming more competitive globally, and a number of leading enterprises with strong innovation capacity and international competitiveness have emerged in such fields as information and communications, rail transit, and new energy vehicles. In the 2020 Fortune Global 500, the number of Chinese manufacturing companies on the list will reach 38, ranking first in the world. 18 manufacturing brands are on the list of the world's top 500 most valuable brands in 2020. Forbes released its list of the top 100 global digital economy companies in 2019, with 14 Chinese companies on the list.

  Fifth, the level of opening up has been steadily improved. The general manufacturing sector has been opened up in an orderly manner. Shareholding restrictions in the automobile, shipping and aircraft sectors are being gradually lifted. In 2019, China's exports of industrial products covered nearly 200 countries and regions, accounting for 71% and 21% of China's total exports and global demand, respectively, playing a key role in the global industrial chain and supply chain. By the end of 2019, China had signed production capacity cooperation agreements with more than 30 countries along the "One Belt And One Road" routes, and established more than 70 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones.

  Wang Zhijun said that next year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will take the new development concept as the guide, take promoting high-quality development as the theme, deepen the supply-side structural reform as the main line, implement the eight-character policy of "consolidating, strengthening, improving and unimpeded", and unswervingly promote the building of a manufacturing and network power. Strengthen independent innovation, promoting the modernization of high-level industrial base and the industrial chain, creating a batch of national manufacturing industry development area with high quality and advanced manufacturing industry cluster, fostering global competitiveness for a batch of excellent enterprises, improve the quality of industry and information technology development and core competitiveness, to speed up the value chain of high-end, industrial products with higher quality and better information and communication services, meet the needs of the people for a better life, promote formation in domestic large cycle as the main body, bi-circulating promotes mutually, the new development pattern of domestic and international support for all-round construction of socialist modernization have countries step up good.

  Breakthroughs were made in major technological equipment

  During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China has made great achievements in major technological equipment.

  Ministry department chief priests Lu Shanzai the review said at a news conference, the goddess of the moon to depart, fat five flying, Tianwen set out, beidou network, Double dragon probe, " snow dragon one", "snow dragon ii", 350 kilometers per hour" Renaissance "emu batch was put into operation, the C919 large passenger aircraft materials, new materials such as flat-panel display substrate glass breakthrough. Blue Whale One, the world's most advanced offshore drilling platform, successfully extracted combustible ice this year. Five-axis mirror machine tool, is an important machine tool equipment to do symmetrical processing, has been breakthrough.

  According to the report, China's high-speed rail, nuclear power, satellites and a lot of medical supplies, protective materials have gone abroad, become the "new business card" of China, has been recognized by the world. For example, the world's first panoramic dynamic 2-meter PET/CT developed by Shanghai Lianying has been used in American scientific research institutions.

  In addition, the appearance of a batch of internationally competitive leading enterprises, such as car group in the production of rail transportation equipment, including China railway construction, heavy industry production of shield machine, XCMG crane, zhenhua port machinery heavy industry, change especially electrician uhv power transmission and transformation equipment, Harbin electric, dongfang, Shanghai electric power group, high efficient and clean power generation equipment significantly enhance the competitiveness in the global market. In addition to the rise of suppliers of these complete machines and systems, there are a large number of 'specialized and innovative', 'small giants' enterprises behind the support." Lu Shan said that he believed that with the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, there would be more and more "new business cards" to benefit the people and win recognition from the world.

  Accelerated development of industrial Internet

  In recent years, the accelerated development of industrial Internet plays an increasingly important role in the national economy. What is the development status of the industrial Internet during the 13th Five-Year Plan period? What's the next step?

  Spokesman of news of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, information and communication development secretary smell library, said the Internet industry innovation and development project smoothly, low latency, high reliability, wide coverage extends to the high quality of the network more than 300 cities across the country, connecting more than 18 m industrial enterprises, "5 g + Internet industry" 512 engineering accelerates, based around the telecommunication enterprise actively and industrial enterprises to carry out docking, construction projects more than 800. Identify analytical system implements "from 0 to 1" breakthrough, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing top node basic built five countries, 75 secondary nodes and running, have a certain industry, regional influence of more than 70 platform, industrial equipment more than 40 million Taiwan (sets) the number of connections, security ability improved, fusion applications cover more than 30 key industries, intelligent manufacture, networked collaborative, personalization, extension and five new digital management mode of service innovation of new forms of active, lift quality, and the authors synergistic effect is remarkable. Industrial scale up to RMB 3 trillion, the Internet industry multilateral coordination of industrial ecology to further expand, industrial Internet industry amounted to 1700 union members, related technology applications, standards, research and development, industrial cooperation, digital transformation and the real economy of manufacturing an increasingly important role in the development of high quality support.

  Wenku said that the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on the following four aspects of work. First, we will strengthen the building of the three systems. Second, we will deepen integrated and innovative applications. Third, we will strengthen our ability to build the industrial foundation. Fourth, we need to foster sound development.